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Avoda Holdings Inc.

Work | Worship | Service

The Hebrew word “avoda” jointly means work, worship, and service.


Avoda Holdings Inc. is a for-profit company that is wholly owned by Here Be Lions Ministries.

The Hebrew word “avoda” jointly means work, worship, and service. The usages of this Hebrew word illustrate that God’s original design and desire is that our work and our worship would be a seamless way of living.

Avoda Holdings is a picture of an integrated faith. A business where work and worship come from the same root; the same foundation. Often we think of worship as something we do on Sunday and work as something we do on Monday. Avoda, on the other hand, suggests that our work can be a form of worship.


Contact us to discuss Avoda Ventures opportunities. We look forward to meeting you.


Avoda Holdings is a place where work, service and worship (Avoda) are experienced through
the values of community, generosity, excellence, risk taking, restoration, innovation and
transparency. Our central mission is to restore “community”.